Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank Heavens

All I can say right now is thank heavens for Harmon's grocery store. What's better than conveniently grocery shopping down the street from your home? Conveniently grocery shopping for all your gluten free needs in the exact same store as your non-gluten free needs. I have mentioned numerous times on my personal blog that grocery shopping is like the plague to me, not only can I count the number of times I have been by myself on one hand, I have no idea where anything is. Things are about to change, I am getting a little braver each time. I realized once I moved from a grocery store that sold diapers, movies and candy in the same aisle (walmart) to a grocery store with everything clearly labeled, grocery associates around every corner and a jackpot of gluten free goods, my life was so much better. I even did the electric slide in aisle 7 when I stumbled upon gluten free Oreo's. Yeah, I almost made out with the package right then and there. The rest of the hour was filled with me going up and down every aisle pointing and waving at the gluten free goods letting it know I would be back for it soon. So thank you Bob and Randy Harmon for being sensitive to people with food sensitivities.

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